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Prank Packs are gift boxes that trick your friends and loved ones

When editing a list you can change the status of multiple gifts at once for example, when you are wrapping gifts you can change the status of those gifts from purchased to wrapped all at once. The Christmas Lists tracks the budget for you. Just place each gift name on a new line and The Christmas List transforms your note into a gift list. Use AirDrop to quickly share a single recipient or an entire group.

Standard Size — 11.25" x 9" x 3.25"

Gift bags are boring, but sometimes your loved ones ask for things for Christmas that are just impossible to wrap. Sure, you could just get a box from the customer service counter, but it's the holidays and lines are long and we're tired. Prank Packs solve a common problem in a hilarious way. Each box is labeled with a fake product that looks like it's straight out of an awful infomercial.